Looking for a house, apartment, studio?
Let SOOF Aanhuurmakelaar help you

There is a lot involved when you are looking for a suitable rented house in The Netherlands. So many options, rules, things to do… Where do you start your search? What do you have to keep in mind?

SOOF Aanhuurmakelaar knows all about the best rented houses. We know the local rules and customs. We make sure your search for a suitable new home is worry free. Just relax and enjoy your home, now and in the future.

Our roadmap

Before you can live in and enjoy your home we walk through the following steps:

  • Set housing preferences & search process

  • Viewings

  • Negotiations & contract

  • Key collection

  • Living pleasure

4 different packages to fit your specific need



You have found your rented house and you are looking for someone to give you knowledgeable advise about the contract, rental price and rental agreement.

€ 199,-
(excl. 21% tax)



You have found your rented house and you are looking for a specialist who walks step by step with you through the process: from viewing to key collection.

½ month rent
(excl. 21% tax)



You are looking for a rented house and you don’t want to worry about anything. We search for your new home and walk step by step through the process until the key collection.

¾ month rent
(excl. 21% tax)



You are looking for a rented house and you want to have everything arranged to the last full stop. We search for your new home and walk step by step through the complete process. After key collection we will take care of extras like arranging the energy supplier and internet provider.

1 month rent
(excl. 21% tax)


“When you move to The Netherlands and you don’t speak Dutch, there are many challenges ahead of you. Having someone trustworthy making sure everything is in order for the day you bring your family to their new home brings essential peace mind. In our case, Erwin has provided service way beyond our expectation which helped a lot to ensure a smooth transition. We definitely value the help we got from SOOF and we would not hesitate one second to recommend or use their services again.”


“Erwin helped my family a lot in finding a nice, quiet place to live in Nijmegen. He offered many options in a short period of time and helped us pick the most perfect one. He professionally guided us through the process of signing a contract in Dutch, and that is rather difficult for expats. I would definitely recommend SOOF Aanhuurmakelaar to those who are looking for a trustworthy agency.”


“As a new PhD student at Radboud University (RU) I would like to stay with my family in Nijmegen for 4-years. I found out it was not easy to find a suitable house or apartment due to abundant students and expats who come to Nijmegen. With Erwin’s hospitality, punctuality, network and his ability to speak Dutch and English, I found in no time a nice appartement. For those who are searching for a house or apartment, I recommend to contact SOOF Aanhuurmakelaar and use his helping hand to ease your settlement process.”

Mr. Irwandi