Top 10 Dutch foods – with recipes

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There’s much more to Dutch food than raw herring. Here are the top 10 most popular Dutch foods, together with Dutch recipes for you try at home.

Dutch cuisine is varied and delicious. From piping hot street snacks, heart-warming stews, thick tasty soups and lots of different Indonesian foods because of the country’s colonial past, to the vast pancakes (and tiny pancakes), pies filled with spiced apples and, of course, raw herrings – there are many foods to enjoy in the Netherlands. Here are just 10 Dutch foods to try.

Pannenkoeken (sweet and savoury)

Pannenkoeken are delicious Dutch pancakes, which are often eaten with sweet and/or savoury foods like slices of bacon, apples, cheese, raisins, stroop (a treacly Dutch syrup), chocolate, an apple sauce called appelstroop, icing/powdered sugar, nuts – and even smoked salmon and crème fraiche. Usually much thinner than an American or a Scotch pancake – more like the traditional English pancake – they can also be huge. They’re made from a batter of flour (sometimes buckwheat), milk, eggs and salt, and cooked quickly over a pan on a high heat. They can be eaten as a main course for lunch or dinner – or as a dessert. They’re often served flat and eaten with cutlery, or rolled up and eaten with your fingers. There are pancake restaurants all over the Netherlands or you can make them yourself at home: take turns flipping huge pannenkoekens over – it’s fun! Read the whole article and all the recepis on 

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